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One Website vs. Separating Your Blog

After determining your domain name for your main site, you need to make the decision of whether to house all of your content on one site or separate your blog onto a different domain.

Many creative professionals have two or more websites for their single business. For example, they might have a portfolio website that just features their portfolio work, and they might also have a blog that features their latest work. This is the case of Lin and Jirsa, as pictured below.

Lin and Jirsa Blog (left) and Lin and Jirsa Main (right) are two separate domains.

Lin and Jirsa Blog (left) and Lin and Jirsa Main (right) are two separate domains.

Have you ever wondered why people do this? Is it for you?

Store Analogy

To understand this, think of websites like physical stores. With limited time and resources, would you rather build up one store or two stores? For most, one store makes the most sense, as you would be able to spend sufficient time and efforts on growing that store.

One the other hand, if you had a lot of time and a lot of resources, there would be significant advantages in owning two stores. First off, if one store goes down in flames, you still have another to back it up. Secondly, you can design each store to cater to slightly different markets or demographics. Lastly, with two strong stores, you can cross-promote and take advantage of the positive synergies.

Store Analogy Applied to Websites

Now we know that this isn’t an entirely accurate analogy, but it helps us understand a few points. If you’re limited on time and resources (either labor or money to hire labor), focus all of your efforts on one site. It’s much better to have one strong website than two average websites.

However, there are some benefits of having multiple websites. If one website experiences downtime or somehow gets bumped down in search engine rankings, you still have another website performing well. You’re also able to focus each website on slightly different keywords, covering more virtual ground and targeting different audiences.

So the decision is entirely up to you. Owning and properly managing multiple websites is a lot of administrative work with some clear benefits. However, one domain, one website, and one place to make changes to everything will be a great course to take. For most of you, using one integrated website is recommended. Of course, if you started with just one, you could always branch off your blog later to a separate domain.

Next up, let’s determine our Hosting.

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