One Setup, Multiple Expressions

Depending on your timeline, you may need to capitalize on each setup to capture a wide variety of images within a small window of time. Once you’ve chosen your backdrop, setup your lighting, and posed your group, you can make micro-adjustments to maximize the time you have available. One of the easiest adjustments to make is cueing your group for different expressions. It’s easy to move from a serious, formal pose to a more candid, natural pose by asking the subjects to lean into one another and laugh at a funny memory with the other subjects. You might even do a silly face countdown and ask them to make a new silly face each time you count down from three! Bring your personality to the table when cueing your clients. For more ideas, check out this article on bridesmaid posing cues.

While your clients may state that they’re more interested in serious editorial poses, chances are they will appreciate the fun, candid images, and may even be disappointed if such a variety of images is not delivered.