Nude Back Pose and Details | Transcription

While I have Ellie on her back, resting, I’m going to take the opportunity to get some closeup shots. Now, when shooting newborn portraits, it’s important that we make sure to also capture the details. From the tiny feet to their little hands and their cute eyes, we want to capture plenty of these precious details for mom and dad to remember down the road.

Now, these are super simple and quick shots. For them, I’m going to put on the 100mm macro on to my 5D3. Now, oftentimes when it comes to the face and the hands, I often have enough closeup shots from other images that I can just pick an already shot image. I can crop in a bit tighter on the hands or features on the face, and we have basically a different version of that same image with a different crop.

For example, we can take this image of Ellie shot on her back, and since we are shooting with a camera at a very high megapixel count … Not the highest but it is still quite high … We can get a crop of the hands and it is still going to look great and printable as we have shown on here.

Now, don’t take this tip as saying you shouldn’t shoot these features separately. Cropping does reduce overall quality and resolution. Rather, take it as a tip as something that can be done if you are pressed to move on to a different shot or if you happen to forget a specific closeup.

The one feature that I always shoot separately are the feet. For my feet, I like to get two shots. The first shot is captured from the bottom up. We cross the legs over to cover up any private parts, and then we shoot with a 100mm macro lens in a very shallow depth of field, at F2.8. I want to set my shutter speed to around 1/100 of a second and my ISO to 800. Then, I’m going to shoot up at the bottom of the foot to get a nice little shot of the newborn’s footprint.

Now, notice in the video that while I’m shooting the image, I still have Olivia holding the legs in place. Again, since I’m shooting very tight, I can make my life easy and just crop out my assistant’s hands. I have her hold the legs in the pose I want, while I’m actually get the shot.

After that first basic footprint shot, I also like to do a shot of the feet with the legs kind of lying on their side just to give me a little bit of variety. Now, I almost always end up preferring the bottom up footprint shot, and so do the parents, but I find it is just nice to kind of deliver a bit more variety in the detail shots in general.

Now, in this shot, we do see that the skin is a little bit flaky on the feet and because this isn’t the baby’s face, it is not something that I’m going to retouch out. Skin flakes on the face, they can be distracting, they can be unflattering, but on the feet, this is absolutely precious. It reminds the parents of those very brief and tender newborn moments, so this isn’t something that I would Photoshop out.

Throughout the shoot, pause now and then to capture these details as they add a lot of additional storytelling power to your overall shoot.