Natural Pointers

One thing we all have a lot of is natural pointers:

  • Hands
  • Arms
  • Fingers
  • Legs
  • Feet

While natural pointers won’t necessarily make or break the image, they can be distracting, and nuances like these can add up to make an image undeliverable. Arms, hands, and fingers can draw a lot of attention to certain areas, which might be unwanted. For example, if one of your subjects is self-conscious about the size of her belly, you would not want to place her in a stacked pose, wherein another subject hugs her from behind and places his hands and arms on her belly. All the attention would be drawn to the exact place she wants to avoid highlighting.

Fingers can be especially demanding of attention. When asking your couple to hold hands, keep their finger placement simple. In other words, avoid interlaced hand holding which creates a “shrimp cocktail” look with the fingers, and instead ask your couple to place one hand over the other.

“Spooky Hands” happen when there appears to be no source for the hand hanging over the backside of a subject’s shoulder or waist. To avoid this, create enough of a gap between your subjects to reveal the arm that leads to the hand. Otherwise, conceal the hands behind the subjects.