Micro-Pose Variations | Transcription

We are just about ready to begin the actual couples photography session. Now we’re going to start from the beginning and talk through each type of pose and scene setup, but what I want you to pay attention to is something that we refer to as microposing. Microposing is essentially what we refer to where we set the couple up into a foundation pose. Then rather than making large pose adjustments we can make very small adjustments that really completely change the overall feel and look of the pose. For example, having the couple turn their heads and shifting where they’re looking, changing the placement of the hands and so forth. All these things will allow us to quickly modify and shoot several different variations on each pose within rapid succession in a very smooth and simple manner.

I also want you to pay close attention to how we communicate this direction to our clients. We have specific examples and words that we use to help our couple in understanding these directions. Whenever our posing directions are rather complicated, in these cases we simply want to act out what we want our clients to do. Not only is this rather comical to watch me kicking my hip and acting all feminine, it’s also much easier for the clients to follow rather than trying to listen to a whole slew of directions that they may not understand. That being said, let’s jump into our first foundation pose, the V-Up  in the next video.