Medium – Showing The Ceremony Heroes

Who or what is a ceremony hero? Consider a commercial in which the hero is the main product that the ad company is trying to sell. In a wedding scene, particularly among the ceremony site details, the altar stands out as a hero, one of the more important elements within the scene.

Here’s a short list of possible ceremony heroes:

  1. Altar (Chuppah, mandap, sofreh, etc.)
  2. Aisle runner
  3. Welcome table
  4. Ceremonial elements (unity candle/sand, sacrament, etc.)

When capturing medium shots of the ceremony site, try to leave enough room around your heroes to later crop the image into a square for posting on social media platforms like Instagram. If an image looks great when cropped into a square, there’s a better chance it can or will be shared on social media; this is especially true for details, which venues and vendors like to share to showcase their work.

Background composition is also important when shooting medium shots. In ultra wide shots, it might be easier to remove unwanted elements in post; however, in medium or close-up shots, background elements take on more significance.