Manual Exposures with Each Scene | Transcription

I don’t really want to get too much into camera settings because at this point most of you should really be knowing the basics. Here’s the one thing that I am going to recommend.

During these controlled shoots – and controlled shoots basically refer to any time where you have control over your scene and your lighting. You want to dial in your settings and shoot in manual mode on your camera. Setting your camera settings with each scene and then shooting in manual mode is going to greatly improve the overall consistency of your exposures.

This in, turn, is going to do several things. Number one, when showing your clients images, all those images coming straight off the back of the camera are going to look consistent and professional. This makes you look like, well, a champion of your camera.

In addition, once you get these images back to the studio, they’re going to be a breeze to process. Why? Well, because you shot each scene with the exact same settings. You will find that you can batch process the entire shoot and not really have to worry about dialing in different develop settings within each scene and ever single image. This will end up saving you a tremendous amount of time in post-production, which will, in turn, allow you to spend more time behind your camera, working your business, hanging out with the fam, or hey, whatever you like to do in your leisure time.