When shooting engagement sessions, you and your assistant want to keep an eye out for anything out of place. One thing we like to do is get the couple involved in looking out for details. Because they’re the closest to each other they can see each other clearly and can fix stray hairs, folded collars, or anything else that is out of place. Watch the video or read the article below to see exactly how we communicate this to our clients, and how we get them involved during the engagement shoot.


I instruct my clients to take a glance at each other in between shots just to make sure everything looks perfect. When shooting outdoors the female model will have some fly-aways or stray hairs and her partner can spot and fix them easily. I’ll specifically instruct her partner to look out for those and fix them when he/she sees them.



Communication is key. You should communicate everything, whether it’s fixing stray hairs or letting them know they have a booger. Of course, always do so in a way that’s comfortable and natural for you. I like to be a little goofy and humorous with my clients, sometimes even joking and poking fun of them when I feel its appropriate. I don’t do this with all my clients, only to those who I know will appreciate the humor.

Along this topic, you might admire the way other photographers communicate or joke around with their clients. Unless you have a similar personality, trying to emulate these things can come off unnatural and awkward. My personal recommendation, be yourself and don’t do or say anything that you’re uncomfortable with personally.

You should get to know who your clients are, and find the best way for you to communicate with them. I often joke around and act goofy with my clients because that’s me and it is a part of my personality. It helps me to feel more relaxed, lighten the mood of the shoot and communicate with them in a more casual manner.



Having your clients look for anything out of place gives you an extra set of eyes for all of your shots and scenes. The benefit here is that they will catch things that you might miss which will save a lot of time from editing and fixing things in post production. The goal here is to capture better photos overall straight out of the camera.