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Macro Mode with Food Photography | Transcription It’s time for macro photography. Now, what better way to demonstrate to you all macro photography when I’m going to show you how to shoot macro photos, then to shoot food. All right….

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  1. Griffin Conway

    “…it’s actually more like 80-90mm on this camera because this is a 0.6 crop sensor camera. We are seeing a closer focal length that this actually is telling us. It’s actually closer than fifty five…”.

    If that is a kit lens 18-55 designed for APS-C camera’s wouldn’t it actually be an 18mm-55mm focal range? I thought the 1.6 crop factor only applied when it was a lens designed for full frame camera’s on a crop frame sensor (I.e. the Canon 50mm 1.8 on the Rebel t5i body). Or am I mixed up?

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