Planning locations and activities for a couple’s portrait session is one of the most important parts of their shoot. Once they create their moodboard, selecting locations and activities for the couple should be easy. In the moodboard clients will generally select locations they like, and activities that they would like to be photographed doing.


Every couple is unique and their location and activities should be tailored to their personalities. If you have a couple that enjoys nature and hiking then you should take them to a park or a field. If a couple likes going out at night and dressing up then a downtown scene would be more for them.


For activities, you want to study what the client puts in their moodboard. If a client has a couple on a picnic then you should plan for a place where you can have a picnic. If the client has a couple on a bike in their moodboard then it might be a good idea for the couple to bring a bike to their shoot. The photos the couple choose on their moodboard is a great way to see how the client visualizes how they want their shoot to turn out.


One last thing, we always recommend getting photography permits. Generally, they’re affordable and sometimes free, you simply have to schedule a time to come in. Shooting without a permit is illegal, can result in fines, and it can also result in legal liability if something happens while on the property. If you’re caught without a permit you will be kicked out and you’ll have to spend more time looking and traveling to another location. When it comes to location shoots, play it safe, get a permit, and stick to the location rules.