Liquify to Reshape In PHotoshop

You may have a client who has asked to be modified with changes ranging from slightly to heavily retouched. The philosophical points of whether or not to make the changes are yours to consider, but should you decide to do so, here’s how it’s done:

  1. Stamp visible layer
    1. (Alt + Ctrl + Shift + E/Opt + Cmd + Shift + E)
  2. Liquify (Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + X)
  3. Forward Warp (P)
    1. Large brush
    2. Work edges
    3. Straighten lines
    4. Keep subtle
  4. Compare before/after
    1. Mask for background if needed

The liquify tool is great for reshaping subjects so long as it’s done used in moderation; otherwise, you could end up with a phony-looking image. In addition, if the client did not request specific changes and you change too much, some of the changes might be seen as insulting to the client’s natural appearance. That said, it’s best to keep things looking natural, for both the subject and the background.