Lighting Setup

Lighting setups will vary based on the lighting gear you own (see chapter one of this workshop), but the following workflow should help you get great results using a strobe for square lighting:

  • Raise the boom stand so that the strobe/softbox is above your subject.
  • Adjust light position and angle based on your subject’s position; try to avoid creating shadows around the eyes (raccoon eyes).
  • Add reflectors for fill (Westcott Eyelighter below and two 5-in-1 reflectors, one on each side); make adjustments to get an even catchlight in the subject’s eyes.
  • Use an ND filter (4-stop) or high-speed sync (if available) to cut light at wide apertures (e.g. f/1.2)
  • Add a backlight to create a vignette or to add color if desired.