Lighting and Camera Settings | Transcription

Now that we have the basket set up, I want to figure out my lighting and get my camera settings dialed in for the most part. The basket is placed in the same spot as our bean bag in the prior setup, so we’re still using our nice tall window light from the patio doors. Now our posing is going to be a little different, since we’re posing in a basket, but I want to get some nice top down shots, I want to get some shots of Ellie’s face and for this, I want Ellie to be facing the window light, so that our main light will be soft and even across her entire body and her face.

Now we also want to use the directional light from the window to kind of create some great texture in the wicker basket and the blanket and everything while also making sure that the light looks flattering on Ellie. To test my lighting, I have Olivia hold the reflector opposite of our window main light. Now since Ellie’s body is going to be facing the window, we want the reflector to basically catch light from the window and fill it back into the shadow side of her body, just to add a little bit of fill. Once we’re all in place, I take our test shot, which tells me that our approximate exposure is going to be around 1/200th of a second at an aperture F2 and an ISO of 200, which we see here.

We’re just about ready so let’s head onto the next video where we’re going to bring Ellie in and setup our initial shot.