Light Compositing For Effect and Large Groups

Similar in principle to stacked and feathered lighting, light compositing combines multiple images (rather than multiple lights) to collectively light the group. To accomplish this, multiple images are captured, and the light source is moved from one side to the next, highlighting a different section of the group in each image. When the images are combined in Photoshop or a similar application, the layers can be masked to reveal an evenly lit group.

Light modification is arguably essential when executing this technique because you can capture a similar image in a single shot if you’re not concerned with the quality of light. What light compositing provides is an opportunity to add beautiful, soft light to all of the subjects in the group. You can achieve this by placing the light source in a large softbox or similar modification device.

Here is a diagram to further demonstrate light compositing:

Here are the key steps for using this technique to photograph a large group: