Large Group Editorial Considerations

If the group you are trying to photograph includes a significant amount of people (10 or more), here are some tips for you to consider before taking the shot:

  1. Amplify presence!
  2. Immediate family should be placed closer to the center
  3. Find a scene with layers
  4. Create layers with the subjects (sit/kneel/stand)
  5. Place taller subjects in the back and children in the front
  6. Position/stack subjects so that the subjects heads line up to where the shoulders of the subjects in front of them meet
  7. Ask if they can see the camera
  8. Watch for shadows
  9. Don’t conceal the bride and groom
  10. Take multiple photos in case some subjects are blinking, looking off to the side, etc.
  11. For larger groups, shoot with closed apertures (f/5.6+)

Don’t attempt this type of shot without time (15-20+ minutes) and use your assistants to help you place the subjects into position. Set your clients expectations before the shoot so that they know whether or not it is feasible to attempt a large group portrait, especially in the editorial style.