Know The Road Ahead

It’s worth noting that on average, photographers stay in the industry only 4-5 years. Most photographers enter the field unaware of what it takes to sustain a career in professional photography and burn out rather quickly. Their intentions are good, but their passion is often misplaced. Their passion often centers on taking photos, but to make it as a professional photographer, there must also be a passion for the process that leans heavily toward the business side of working in this field. Lori Greiner (from “Shark Tank”) once said, “Entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40.”

According to the PPA, it is estimated that after overhead and taxes, net income or “take-home pay” equates to keeping twenty cents for every dollar earned. There are variables that change this for each professional photographer/studio, but this information alone is off-putting enough to steer some potential photographers away.

Social media is another source of discouragement for many new photographers. Here’s a little note regarding social media:

  • “Social media is 99% fakery. The other 1% is glamorized.”

While social media serves a purpose, especially for building your brand and marketing your business, it can be distracting and even depressing to view without the right focus. It’s easy to get caught up and compare your successes with the perceived success of others, but that shouldn’t be your goal when using social media.

Those who know what to expect in advance stand a better chance of seeing the business through and building longer careers. Finding a way to make it work is not easy, but it’s do-able and helping you find a path to success is the goal of this workshop.





Total Course Run Time: 7H 50M 44S


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