IPS Vs. S3

There is a lot of power in words. When it comes to IPS (In-Person Sales) versus the S3 Framework (Shooting Stories That Sell), one of the biggest things to consider is the effect of hearing one word/acronym over the other. For example, when a person hears IPS, there’s a certain fear attached that acronym. What is the fear? In a word: Sales. When you think of IPS, you think of sales and getting your client to spend money. Artists don’t generally like to think about the money aspect of what they do, at least not at first.

When IPS is done correctly, however, it becomes the process of better understanding your client’s vision, executing on that vision, and delivering a wonderful experience. The final step will still be to ask for money, but it will be more comfortable because of the steps taken earlier. S3 also deals with sales, but in an easily approachable way as the process is simple and thorough, and it will ultimately make you, the photographer, a better artist.