Who is this Workshop designed for?

This workshop is designed to help you create wonderful and professional photos of newborns regardless of your level of experience. We designed the workshop a simple and intuitive approach, so whether you’re a parent who wants to take great photos of your babies, or a professional photographer looking to add newborn photography to your business, this workshop is for you.


The goal of this workshop is to create incredible, professional looking newborn photos without spending a fortune on photography gear or lighting set-ups. We’re mainly using window light with the help of a reflector, and we demonstrate that you can achieve similar results regardless of your camera gear. So whether you’re a professional photographer or just a hobbyist, this workshop is going to teach29 you how to take professional newborn images using the tools you already have.

Each week we will be releasing articles and certain videos from The Newborn Photography Workshop Collection to benefit all SLR Lounge readers and to give you a taste of what’s included within the 2 DVD workshop. Here is the table of contents for the entire workshop collection:

Newborn Photography Workshop Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Gear and Accessories
1. Introduction
2. Get Great Results With Any Gear
3. What Lenses do I Need?
4. Recommended Lighting Accessories
5. 6 Must-Have Accessories
6. 5 Important Posing Tools and Props
7. Where to Buy Props and Accessories

Chapter 2 – Planning and Safety
8. 14 Days for Ease, 5 Days of Magic
9. Create a Moodboard for Every Shoot
10. Safety First and Composite Images
11. 5 Pre-Shoot Quick Tips
12. Plan Enough Time

Chapter 3 – Shooting Tips
13. Work with Mom and Listen to the Baby
14. Tips on Shooting Angles
15. 2 Lighting Tips for Perfect Skin
16. 5 Tips on Comforting the Newborn
17. How to Swaddle

Chapter 4 – Starting with the Basics
18. Lighting for Newborn Photography
19. Setting up the Scene
20. Lighting and Camera Settings
21. Placing and Preparing Our Newborn
22. Back Pose Close Up Shot
23. Nude Back Pose and Details
24. Basic Back Pose Candids
25. Impromptu Candids with Props
26. Full Length Nude Back Pose
27. Simple Side Lying Pose
28. Top-Down Tummy Pose
29. Front Side Portrait Tummy Pose
30. Basic Pose Conclusion

Chapter 5 – Wicker Basket Scene
31. Setting up the Wicker Basket Scene
32. Lighting and Camera Settings
33. Placing and Preparing Our Newborn
34. Stretch Knit Wrap Shot
35. Top Down Variations
36. Scene Change and Color Scheme

Chapter 6 – Wrap and Bowl Scene
37. Setting Up The Wrap and Bowl Scene
38. Placing and Wrapping Newborns
39. Shooting the Wrap Scene
40. Shooting the Bowl Scene

Chapter 7 – Parisian Scene
41. Setting Up the Parisian Scene
42. Posing for the Parisian Scene
43. Shooting the Parisian Scene

Chapter 8 – Fuzzy Cloth Scene
44. Fuzzy Cloth Background Setup
45. Side Lying Sleeping Pose Setup
46. Shooting the Side-Lying Pose

Chapter 9 – Citrus Gnome Scene
47. Setting Up the Citrus Gnome Scene
48. Placing and Posing for the Scene
49. Shooting the Citrus Gnome Scene
50. Conclusion

Newborn Photography Presets & Post Production Workshop Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction and Setup
1. Welcome
2. Installing the Presets and Actions
3. Creating the Catalog and Importing
4. How the Presets Work
5. 3 Ways to Sync Develop Settings
6. Create Snapshots and Virtual Copies

Chapter 2 – Develop Settings
7. Introduction
8. The Basic Panel and Histogram
9. The Tone Curve Panel
10. The Hue-Saturation-Lightness Panel
11. The Detail Panel
12. The Lens Correction Panel
13. The Split Toning Panel
14. The Effects Panel
15. The Camera Calibration Panel
16. Local Adjustment Tools Overview

Chapter 3 – From Start to Finish
17. Introduction
18. Standard Import Color
19. Standard Import Black and White
20. Customize Standard Import Preset
21. Bright Fade Color
22. Bright Fade Black and White
23. Neutral Fade Color

24. Neutral Fade Black and White
25. Vintage Punch Color
26. Vintage Punch Black and White
27. Dark Fade Color
28. Dark Fade Black and White

Chapter 4 – Advanced Edits
29. Introduction
30. Retouch and Detail Enhancing
31. Heal, Clone, and Frequency Separation
32. Create a Frequency Separation Action

Chapter 5 – Bonus Chapter
33. Introduction
34. Stephanie Jane Portraits
35. An Asian and His Camera
36. 180 Reflections
37. Kyle Dillon Images
38. Lisa Smiley Photography
39. Sarah Wilkes Photography
40. Jon Schusteritsch Photography
41. Sawyer Photography
42. Mindy Rainey Photography
43. BMZ Photography
44. Conclusion