Indoor Scenes | Dance Floor: Spin

Sometimes, the best moves on the dance floor happen in camera. As a case in point, behold the dance floor spin! This easy-to-do special effect ups the energy and captures motion on the dance floor.

Our approach to capturing dance floor spins:

  • Lower the shutter speed to 1/5-1/10
  • Aperture: f/2.8-f/4
  • ISO: 100-200
  • Add direct flash
  • Flash gel (match to dominant light)
  • Flash power: 1/8-1/32
  • Zoom to control spill
  • Fire shutter button and add motion
  • Highlight alert is critical

Exposure goals for dance floor spins:

  • Maximum dynamic range
  • Bias: preserve highlights
  • Temperature: 3200-4000K