Indoor Scenes | Back lighting with Natural Light

For back lighting with natural light indoors, the source of light will more often than not be a window, or several windows. When placing subjects near the window(s), be sure sure to watch for highlight peaking and try to preserve shadows.

In addition, try to observe the following tips/reminders:

  • Distance between subject and light source for brightness
  • Angle for light pattern
  • Sheers to soften or diffuse light
  • Curtain for Strip Box
  • Window tint/green shift

Exposure goals for back lighting indoors with natural light:

  • Maximum dynamic range (unless you are specifically shooting for a bright and airy look, in which case you would allow the histogram to lean more heavily to the right)
  • Bias: preserve shadows
  • Allow highlight peak
  • Keep temperature between 4000K-5500K
  • White balance shift/tint + magenta

If you want more light to wrap around your subjects while back lighting them, to expose more detail in their faces or wardrobe, open up your aperture. Likewise, if you want less light to wrap around your subjects, close down the aperture.