Indoor Reception – Moody Warm Ambient Light | Pinning With Constants

Probably close to 70% of the receptions you photograph will look like this (of course, that may vary). The sun will have gone down, the ambient lights are the only lights (other than what you bring to the shoot), and it’s go time.

Here are the steps and considerations to remember when shooting in this type of scene:

  1. Shoot from the shadows: Frame & compose
  2. Expose for room ambiance (generally between 3200-4000K in these scenes)
    1. If it helps, and if it’s possible on your gear, use “Live View” while making your adjustments for quick results
  3. Light from existing light direction
  4. Control light via grid/zoom
    1. Constant = Flash 1/16-1/32
  5. Analyze with highlight alert