Indoor Reception – Daylight/Ambient Mix | Balancing

When shooting indoors with mixed lighting, consider the following:

  1. Shoot from the shadows: Frame & compose
  2. Set desired exposure (watch shadows)
  3. Adjust/control the ambient (highlights)
  4. Curtains/doors/flags
  5. Analyze histogram/highlight alert
  6. Tip: Use white/scrim for highlights

One thing to keep in mind when editing the images in post is to capture the look of the actual room. You can balance to the dominant light in the room (such as daylight over ambient light), but if the room has a warm tone to it, it doesn’t make sense to neutralize the warmth and falsely portray how the room actually looks. In the case of capturing images from an important even like a wedding reception, the bride and groom will likely want to see the room in a way that looks closer to how they remember it.