Indoor Reception – Craptastic Ambient Light | Simulating Natural Light

Sometimes, ambient lighting is so bad (or craptastic), that you’d rather not shoot it. There are ways, however, to simulate soft, natural light and make the craptastic light a non-issue. It takes a little work, but it’s easier than you might think.

Here are some steps and considerations when shooting in bad ambient lighting:

  1. Shoot from the shadows: Frame and compose
  2. Expose to remove bad ambient (fluorescent)
    1. Use shutter speed to add back good ambient (candles, pins, etc.)
  3. Find existing light direction
  4. Flash from existing light direction (fill in space)
  5. Double diffuse to soften (higher power)
    1. Fill entire reflectors/diffusers, watch direct spill!
  6. Flash to override ambient
  7. Analyze with highlight alert