Impromptu Candids with Props | Transcription

Because we were setting up all other filming cameras to record this DVD, we got a bit of a late start from when Ellie was originally prepped to begin shooting. Now at this point, I am realizing it is going to be tough to get Ellie fully back to sleep for our next full length nude pose. It has been quite a while since her last feeding. She is starting to get a bit hungry. She is starting to get a bit restless. Rather than try and push her to do that full length pose, I opt just to add a little accessory and shoot basically some shots of her moving and yawning as she is waking up. Quickly, I just grab our little bow and place it over Ellie’s forehead.

Now I am shooting top down, so I am just having Olivia add a little bump to the light by filling it from the side. We are using the silver side of the reflector for additional light strength of course because we are in the shade, we need as much light as possible. As Ellie moves and yawns, this is the perfect time to capture some great candids, and if you are lucky maybe even a smile. Remember as we mentioned earlier, when you are capturing candids, you do want to keep your shutter speed a bit on the quicker side. Babies don’t generally move too fast, but I would still recommend staying above 1/100 of a second and ideally around the 1/200 to 1/250 of a second range. For this specific shot and this sequence of shots, we are actually shooting decently sharp images at 1/160 of a second. We could be a little higher but again we are doing it for exposure reasons and it is adequately sharp at this point.

Now that Ellie is wide awake, rather than continuing, we are going to let her rest and feed before attempting our next pose as the full length back pose can be a bit tricky.