How to Swaddle | Transcription

In this video I want to teach you guys how to swaddle. There are many right ways to swaddle a newborn, and swaddling a newborn is accomplished by simply tucking in the arms and wrapping the baby with a blanket or a semi-elastic cloth to simulate that wonderful feeling of being in Mom’s womb.

As we mentioned, swaddling is a great way to calm a newborn, and it’s also great for photography and posing, because it limits the newborn’s movement. Now I know this is a total Daddy’s way of thinking about this, but I tend to think of swaddling like wrapping a burrito. No.

To do so, I’m simply going to open the cloth out on a table and flatten it out. We’re going to take the baby and we’re going to place it in our nice little swaddling area, which again should be warm. Next, grab one side of the cloth and while holding the newborn’s hand in the position that you want, wrap the side of the cloth around and underneath his or her backside on the other side. Now I like to grab the bottom of the cloth and then do the same thing with the left side of the cloth and bring it around the other side and tuck it in.

Now this takes a bit of practice, but within a few tries you guys should all be pros at swaddling. Just remember to swaddle the baby based on the pose and the look that you’re going for. You can swaddle the newborn with his or her arms out, with the hands barely visible, or completely tucked in … Really there’s no right or wrong way, it just depends on what look you’re going for.

Generally when I swaddle my newborns, I like to have my hands be either completely tucked in, or just to see the fingertips poking up at the top and kind of grasping at the swaddle cloth. For our shots, rather than swaddling we’re actually going to do a wrap. Artistically, I kind of prefer wraps to swaddling, but both are vital skills for a newborn photographer so we’re going to cover how to wrap when we get to that portion of the shoot.