How To Save A New Custom Preset In Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe Bridge

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Whether you have created your own custom preset from scratch, or have combined a number of different existing presets to create a highly unique new look, you may want to create a new custom preset.

First and foremost, apply the desired edits to your image. It is strongly recommended to work on creating a preset using many different images, instead of just one, so that the preset is well-balanced and works well on a variety of images.

To test the preset settings out on multiple images, before saving the edits as a new preset, try pasting or synchronizing the edits to other, similar images, and see how the edits look. If everything seems to look good, then it is time to save a new preset!

Save The New Custom Preset

Click on the drop-down menu icon in the upper right of the Editing Tabs, and click “Save Settings”


Choose Which Settings To Put Into The Preset

Before clicking “Save”, consider un-checking certain settings that simply don’t matter to the look you’re trying to achieve, or aren’t going to always be the same.

For example, White Balance and Exposure, in particular, are two settings that might vary dramatically from image to image, even when you want to use the same preset on daylight images versus low-light indoor images.

So, un-check the boxes for White Balance, Exposure, and any others that you wish to avoid carrying over into the preset, and then click “Save” to continue.


Name And Save The New Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) Preset

In order to ensure that the presets show up at the top of the list of presets, instead of the very bottom, always remember to ALWAYS begin custom preset names with the numbers “00-05” so that they show up in the right place. Additional numbers can be added after this number, if additional organization is required. For example, “00-05-01”.

That’s all there is to it! Enjoy accessing this new preset with just a single click. You can also check out Five Tips For Bridge CS6 and Adobe Camera Raw.