Hotel Room High-Key Veiled Portraits

While a bride’s veil may have been used traditionally to conceal a bride’s face before it is revealed to the groom, it can also be used to slim other body parts or conceal background or wardrobe elements during a couples portrait session. Veils also contain leading lines and shapes that present creative compositional opportunities.

Remember these tips when shooting high key veiled portraits:

  • Close the sheers to soften the light and allow light to wrap around the subjects
  • White balance for the skin tones in camera
  • White balance for green tint from windows (if needed)
  • Veil to conceal
  • Adjust veil shapes/lines
  • Eye direction is critical
  • Expose to retain shadows
  • Shoot with wide apertures (1.2 to 2.8 preferred)
  • Keep the focus on her eyes
  • Creative lenses work well (free lens, tilt-shift, etc.)