New Workshop! Lighting 3 | Advanced Off Camera Flash

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Wedding Workshop Four | Photographing The Couple

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Hotel Room High-Key Portraits with a Shoot-Through Reflector Shoot-through reflectors do not just represent the latest in high fashion neckwear. They also allow for tight shots while reflecting balanced fill light onto the couple’s faces.

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  1. Edwin Effendi

    Pye! I made a reflector like yours, however, I have a good question.

    It seems to me you have made it into a “Rectangular” shape. I started with a “Square” shape but then I realized it was too small. When I wanted it to be a bit more wide, so I made it “Circular” and Stitched it to increase durability whenever I pack it up.

    What was your intention by making it “Rectangular”?

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Wedding Workshop Four | Photographing The Couple