Healing & Patching At Print Scale In Photoshop

It’s important to scale the image on your screen to match the size at which you want to print the image when you are retouching so that you can make only necessary adjustments and not over or under-edit the image. Here are some notes on the healing/patching portion of our retouching process:

Healing (J/Shift-J): We use this to fix/remove small dust/flecks/blemishes.

  • Use a small brush
  • Use an angled brush
  • Review for artifacts

Patching (J/Shift-J): We use this to deal with larger marks/blemishes/background distractions

  • Select around object
  • Drag to sample
  • Watch lines

The extent to which you retouch an image can vary based on the client as well as the genre of photography in which you’re working. With wedding images, for example, the retouches are often less involved because you are not focused on minute details the way you might be for a fashion campaign image. You are also delivering several hundred (possibly thousands of) images, so the workflow needs to be quick and efficient.

Scan the image from left to right, top to bottom, and look for blemishes, discolorations, or any other potentially distracting elements and remove them using the spot healing tools as noted above.