Professional headshot services can be a huge revenue generator for any photographer or studio.

Headshot Photography 101 is all about showing you that consistently amazing headshots can be created with any gear, on any budget and in any location.

Great headshots start with great lighting, but great lighting doesn’t mean it has to break the bank. We are going to teach you how to create beautiful square lighting setups with just a reflector and natural light, with an on-camera hot shoe flash, with off-camera studio strobes, and with high-end constant lights.

Once you have selected the right lighting tools for your budget and look, we dive into the meat of headshot photography which is all about directing.

This course dives into the nuances of posing, understanding how to position and angle the face for the most flattering angle and jawline, and finally how to guide and direct them into a convincingly confident and striking expression.

Included with the course are also our Headshot Presets for Lightroom to help make developing a simple 1-click snap of your finger.