Get Great Results With Any Gear | Transcription

I’ve said this so many times, guys, but I’m going to say it again. Great shots are not about the gear. In regards to gear, we’re going to keep our shoot extremely simple. We want to show you that you can achieve professional results without a professional gear budget but we also want to show you the difference between entry level and a professional level camera. Our entry level set up is going to be is this Sony NEX 5 with the 18 to 55 mm 3.5 to 5.6 lens costing around $700 new. Our professional setup is going to be this Canon 5D Mark III with a Canon 50mm 1.2 lens costing around $4,700 new. That’s a huge difference in cost with the NEX 5 being just a fraction of the 5D Mark III’s cost.

But check this out, let’s compare the two example shots. This image wasn’t the final shot for this scene and the angles slightly vary between the two images but it still serves its purpose and the question I have for you is: can you tell which image is from the more expensive camera? Not really, right? Both images look great and I could have taken the final image with either camera both with professional results. What exactly is the difference? Well, a professional or a high end DSLR is going to resolve detail better. If we zoom into the image we can see quite a bit more image detail within the 5D Mark 3 image particularly in the hat and in Ellie’s face.

The 5D Mark 3 also has quite a bit more features and functionality when compared to something like the Sony but things like extreme low light sensitivity and higher mega-pixel resolution and so forth aren’t generally necessary when shooting this type of basic portraiture. If you want to invest in something then you’re going to see the biggest difference in image quality when it comes to lenses. Lenses like the 50mm 1.2 on this Canon are going to create a much more shallow depth of field than the Sony NEX’s kit lens.

This means that a 50mm 1.2 is going to create a very soft and buttery background with great boca that really helps separate the subject from the background giving it that cinematic or, say, professional look. Here’s the thing; Sony also has a 50 mm 1.4 lens available for the NEX and had we shot with that lens the difference would be even less noticeable and we could pull of very similar shallow depth of field shots as well. While the Canon 50 mm 1.2 is nearly $1,400 a Canon, Nikon or Sony 50 mm 1.4 lens is only a few hundred dollars and it’s going to create a very similar look and quality with your photos.

Which camera is best is really going to depend primarily on your budget and your intended use as you can create professional quality results from virtually any camera. Since cameras are constantly changing we’ve provided a comprehensive gear guide on newborn photography gear at We’re going to do our best to keep that list updated so be sure to check out the link below to check out our newborn photography gear guide. For the rest of this workshop we’re going to be shooting with the 5D Mark III but remember that by following these techniques and instructions you can create professional results with virtually any camera.