Fuzzy Cloth Background Setup | Transcription

I want to move, now, over in front of the window, our three window setup that we talked about earlier. This is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate some more shots and poses but this time we’re going to be shooting on the table. That’s going to give us a little bit more room to work with. It’s also going to make low-angle shots much easier to accomplish as the newborn is going to be propped up.

One recommendation, and this should go without saying, is that if you’re shooting on an elevated surface, be sure that that surface is sufficiently large and, again, always have your spotter nearby. This dinner table is quite large and newborns really don’t move much. In fact, they generally really can’t even turn over if they are, indeed, newborns. We have plenty of working room but we’re still going to be extra safe just by keeping a close eye on the baby and keeping our spotter right there and available. If your newborn is more of an infant, like around four to six months, I definitely would not do this because infants can actually move quite quick. They can roll over and before you know it, you can turn and they can flip off the elevated surface. Again, with older newborns, don’t shoot them on elevated surfaces.

For these shots, once again, we’re going to use the wooden paper backdrop that we have clamped to our background stands. To help us with posing, we’re going to use that nifty little accessory that we showed you earlier, a posing cushion. Again, you can get these from a whole variety of places. There are ones that are actually specifically made for newborns. The one that I’m using is actually like a diaper changing foam but really anything is going to work. For the newborn photographer, I would say that this thing is definitely worth having on hand.

With the posing cushion down on the table, we place our soft pink blanket over the cushion. This curved cushion provides a wonderful posing foundation to be able to get our newborn into different poses quite easily. It’s especially useful when we’re doing side poses or I’m trying to create that kind of curvature with the newborn’s pose.