New Workshop! Lighting 3 | Advanced Off Camera Flash

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From Shoot to Post bridges the gap between our shooters and post-processors to get consistently incredible imagery. If you follow the steps taught throughout this course, you will learn to create cohesive scenes, establish signature styles, and implement an efficient post-processing workflow.

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  1. Laura Williams

    This is my 1st time on this site, so I’m exploring what’s here.  I’m trying to look at what is said to be a free tutorial but nothing plays, even to catch a glimpse of what your tutorials are like.  Do you need to join Premium to see an example?  

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  2. Jackson Knuth

    All i wanna do is know how to edit things well, i’m just a sorta skilled editor but not the best

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    • Cristian Murazik

      I am not a professional photographer, occasionally capture pics sometimes.  Actually looking for a freelance photographer training that’s all 

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