Four Tips on Communication and Ten Useful Cues

Here are four tips to become a better communicator:

  • Be yourself
  • Understand your couple
  • Talk and have fun
  • Use cues as a backup

Ten useful cues include:

  • “Hug her like it’s been 5 years.”
  • “Tell him something dirty you want to do to him.”
  • “Tell me what she said to you. Just kidding.”
  • “Smell her cheek, ya’ know, just cause.”
  • “Purr in his ear, like a kitty cat.”
  • “On 3, say the other person’s favorite color.”
  • “Goofy face countdown (3…2…1…) New face.”
  • “Who’s the one that snores?”
  • Pull her/him aside, butt grab instructions
  • “Why do gnomes laugh running through tall grass?