Four Reasons We Love to Promote Using Planners

One of the largest determining factors in creating great imagery on the day of a wedding is whether or not your clients have hired a wedding planner. Here are four reasons why it is imperative to stress to your clients the effect a wedding planner can have on one of the biggest days of their lives:

  1. Happy clients – The stress of planning and coordinating a wedding can take a toll and gravely affect your clients’ mood throughout their wedding day, and it’s no doubt that this negatively impacts the images we end up delivering. Hiring a diligent planner to coordinate and direct the day will not only keep clients stress-free but also help allot time for photographers and videographers to create outstanding work.

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  2. Better day = better photos – In general, weddings with a quality planner will always yield more and better images than a wedding without. Knowledgeable planners create detailed timelines that carve out time for couples portraits, family formals, and all other needed shots to commemorate the day.
  3. Work with those we trust – When clients ask for planner recommendations, this gives us a chance for us to recommend who we love working with and who we trust. When clients hire our planners, it makes our lives much easier knowing that we are in good hands and know exactly what to expect at their wedding.
  4. Give back to planners we love – The planner to photographer relationship typically works in one way: coordinators refer out business to vendors and usually not the other way around.  Often times clients book photographers prior to shopping around for other vendors, allowing us to change the dynamic of this relationship and refer out business to wedding coordinators. This is the perfect opportunity to suggest to your clients to work with a planner you know and love and makes our trusted coordinators want to work with us.

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