Foundational Posing For Men

When posing men, whether individually or as a couple, the same rules apply. Follow the basic steps from foundational posing as it applies to men for consistently solid results. This holds true for subjects that are standing or sitting.

Here a couple of reminders when posing men:

  • Tell male clients to straighten their spine for better posture and stance
  • Make sure that pockets are empty (no cell phones, keys, wallets, etc.)
  • Ask your clients if they have preferred sides, then pose accordingly
  • Use the door analogy to demonstrate three of the five foundational poses
    • V-Up: Subjects join at the waist and slightly angle in toward each other
    • Closed pose: Subjects directly face one another
    • Open pose: Subjects face forward toward the camera
  • Demonstrate the remaining two foundational poses:
    • Stacked pose: One subject stands in front of the other, usually with both facing forward toward the camera
    • Reverse pose: One subject faces away from the camera while the other directly faces the camera