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Before a couples portrait session, it is worth going over the foundation poses with the couple so that directing them later will move more quickly and effortlessly.

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  1. Ryan Tiehen

    how do you deal with height issues?

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  2. Wendell Herbert

    Hi  I would Like to find out what Ano. you use when shooting in the v pose

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  3. Laura Moore

    These videos are amazingly helpful and I am truly enjoying them.  Thank you. 

    I noticed that they are generally geared for average height couples who are also hae similar stature.  What types of poses would you recommend for couples where there is a significant or unusual size difference?

    For example, I am 5’3″ and slim, while my husband is 6’5″ and built more like a linebacker.  Most of these poses would probably not work in our situation.

    I also know a couple where the woman is probably 8″ TALLER than the man.  I’m guessing they do not want this accentuated, but a top down/bottom up would have the reverse effect when both are in the same photo.

    Thanks in advance.

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