Final Walkthrough & Time Reminder | Transcription

Once we’ve finished our mood board, we decided on our locations, and we selected our final wardrobe and props, we’ll generally set-up a walkthrough. Typically, this is over the phone, although it can also be done in person or over the web.

We do several important things during this final walkthrough. The first being that the photographer confirms his or her understanding of what the client is going for based on the mood board and discussions they’ve had up until that point in time. The client may have additional points that they may want to clarify during this discussions.

Once that’s been settled, we then discuss the logistics of the shoot. Which locations are we going to start with? Who’s going to be driving with who? What time should they arrive, and what time does the shoot begin? How much time are we going to be spending at each location? When they should do wardrobe changes and so forth? This is our chance to verify all the planning details in addition to one very important reminder. Throughout our contracts and the materials we provide our clients, we have explicit descriptions of what happens when clients arrive late to a shoot. If they arrive late that time is taken out of their portrait session, and they are charged based on their scheduled start time. This sounds a little bit harsh, but it’s necessary. Not only is it a waste of time and money for us to be standing around waiting, it’s also going to affect the quality of the images since we’ll have less time and less light to shoot with.

During the final walkthrough, I politely remind my couple, “Remember to leave early.” We need to make sure that we start on time, so we can capture all of the locations before the shoot ends at 5pm, or basically you tell them whatever time the shoot actually ends. This gives them a heads up that regardless of when they show up to the shoot, the shoot ends at a specific time. This also protects yourself against the clients showing up late, then complaining that they didn’t get enough locations or photos.