Favorite SFX Creative Accessories During the Ceremony

Here is a list of some of our favorite creative accessories to use during the ceremony:

  1. Tilt-Shift Lens (TS-E): This lens is great for manipulating the depth of field in the image with a simple twist of the shift mechanism and a quick focus adjustment. Like most of these accessories, this lens should not be overused.
  2. Prism (Block junk/add interest): Prisms work great for creating reflections as well as blocking out elements of a scene, such as a trashcan in the background, for example.
  3. Crystal Bookmark (sun flare lines): As long as the scene you’re shooting has a backlight, accessories like this add interesting effects to images. If the scene is not backlit, you can introduce a backlight with something as simple as a flashlight held near the lens and directed toward the bookmark.
  4. LED Light String (bokeh/enhance flares): This accessory can add a sun flare effect outdoors or work as a source for light streaking in low light dancefloor scenes.
  5. Free Lens (soft imagery): Going for a vintage look? This may be the answer. Similar to a tilt-shift effect, this accessory offers lower contrast and softer imagery with room to manipulate the depth of field.
  6. Water Spray (beads, sparkles): Water works wonders for adding sparkles and light effects to your images when it is lightly sprayed over a portion of the lens, usually the top half. Use filtered water to avoid leaving residue on your lenses.

Chapter One

  • 1.1 Trailer
  • 1.2 Introduction - Why Are We Here?
  • 1.3 10 Easily Avoidable Wedding Blunders from 200 Wedding Photographers
  • 1.4 Our Favorite Lenses Among 10,000 Wedding Photographs
  • 1.5 Pre-Ceremony Checklist from 200 Wedding Photographers
  • 1.6 Favorite SFX Creative Accessories During the Ceremony
  • 1.7 Our Second and Lead Photographer Gear Guide
  • 1.8 Assignment: SFX Creative Ceremony Shot
  • 1.9 Photographing the Ceremony: Chapter One
  • Chapter Two

  • 2.1 Telling a Complete and Cohesive Story
  • 2.2 What To Photograph Within a Single Wedding Moment | Wedding Week
  • 2.3 How To Photograph A Wedding Ceremony With A Team
  • 2.4 Team Lens Synergy
  • 2.5 Processional Movement and Positioning
  • 2.6 Ceremony Movement and Positioning
  • 2.7 Recessional Movement and Positioning
  • 2.8 Assignment: Within a Single Moment
  • 2.9 Photographing the Ceremony: Chapter Two
  • Chapter Three

  • 3.1 Pre-Ceremony: Grip & Grins and Candids
  • 3.2 Processional: Groom + Wedding Party
  • 3.3 Processional: Bride's Entrance
  • 3.4 Ceremony: The Couple
  • 3.5 Ceremony: The Scene and Venue
  • 3.6 Ceremony: Wedding Party + VIPs
  • 3.7 Ceremony: Moments
  • 3.8 Ceremony: The Kiss
  • 3.9 Recessional: The Couple + VIPs
  • 3.10 Bonus: Ceremony Coverage In Practice
  • 3.11 Assignment: Key Ceremony Moments
  • 3.12 Photographing the Ceremony: Chapter Three Quiz
  • Chapter Four

  • 4.1 Cultural Case Studies: Christian (Non-Denominational) Weddings
  • 4.2 Cultural Case Studies: Catholic Weddings
  • 4.3 Cultural Case Studies: Chinese + Asian Tea Ceremonies
  • 4.4 Cultural Case Studies: Mormon/Latter-Day Saints
  • 4.5 Cultural Case Studies: Hindu/Indian Weddings - Baraat
  • 4.6 Cultural Case Studies: Hindu/Indian Weddings - Ceremony
  • 4.7 Cultural Case Studies: Hindu/Indian Weddings - Lightroom
  • 4.8 Cultural Case Studies: Iranian/Persian Weddings
  • 4.9 Cultural Case Studies: Jewish (General) Weddings
  • 4.10 Assignment: Cultural Wedding Coverage
  • 4.11 Photographing the Ceremony: Chapter Four Quiz
  • Chapter Five

  • 5.1 Foreground Elements
  • 5.2 Why You Should Use A Tilt-Shift Lens For Wedding Photography
  • 5.3 Prism
  • 5.4 Free Lens
  • 5.5 Other Creative Angles and Effects
  • 5.6 Assignment: Special Effects
  • 5.7 Photographing the Ceremony: Chapter Five Quiz
  • Chapter Six

  • 6.1 Dark Chapel
  • 6.2 Dark Indoor Hotel
  • 6.3 Assignment: Shed Light On The Darkness
  • 6.4 Photographing the Ceremony: Chapter Six Quiz
  • Chapter Seven

  • 7.1 Awards + Community Critique

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