Our Favorite Creative Shooting Accessories When Photographing The Bride

Find creative accessories that are versatile for use throughout a wedding day and use them when you are in need of a spark of creativity, an object to block distracting elements in your scene, or simply because it has become a part of your shooting style. Here are some of our favorite creative accessories to have when photographing the bride:

  • Veil (background, leading lines, soft imagery, flares)
  • LED Light String (bokeh, enhance flares)
  • Prism (block distracting elements in room, add interest)
  • Crystal Bookmark (sun flare streaks)
  • Free Lens (soft imagery)
  • Putty/Glue Dots (stabilize rings and other small details)
  • LED Strip Light (pin light/create sparkles for jewelry)


We have an upcoming Special Effects Course designed to show you that inexpensive light modifiers can be used to create unique and powerful lens flares – see an example here from a recent stylized shoot using the aforementioned crystal bookmark and veil as our accessories of choice.