Eye-to-Eye Contact

Making eye contact was never meant for extremely close proximity. If you’ve ever tried to make eye contact with somebody with your faces only inches apart, you likely know how awkward it feels. If you’ve ever photographed a couple making close-quarter eye contact, you likely know how awkward it looks as well. It’s probably why people close their eyes while they kiss.

When posing couples, it is important to note this nuance and not direct the couple to look into each other’s eyes if they’re standing in a closed position. This really only works if the couple is going in for a kiss. Otherwise, create space before asking your couple to get lost in one another’s gaze.

In addition to avoiding close-up eye contact, watch out for the whites of your subject’s eyes. Showing too much of the whites of our subject’s eyes, such as when her chin is facing the camera but her eyes are turned too far to the side, can make the image look awkward, if not creepy. If you’re seeing too much whites in the eyes, just turn your subject’s chin or redirect the eyeline to a less extreme direction. Eye lines should be positioned in a way to keep the viewer in the image.