Engagement Session Critique, Round 2

In critiquing a second engagement session, we realize again the importance of shooting wide, medium, and tight for a wider variety of storytelling options, as well as choosing the client’s best side and getting the lighting right for the intended tone of the session.

Vision Exercise

On the topic of intention, it also helps to try a vision exercise with clients. This doesn’t mean testing how well the clients are able to see, but rather it’s intended to get the clients to envision a place in their homes where they would like to hang a piece of wall art. Furthermore, by asking clients to imagine which image from their session they would be willing to pay $3,000 to $4,000 for, you are able to better determine your client’s most important shots. The better you understand your clients, the less you have to shoot to get the shots you need.

In the case where your clients are unsure about what type of images they want, assign them homework. Before the shoot, schedule another talk through and ask your clients to be able to answer the question about which single image would be the most important to capture during the session.