Editorial Posing

Like symmetrical poses, editorial poses present pros and cons when trying to use them during a photoshoot:

  • Pros
    • Production value
    • Visual interest
    • Portfolio
    • Impressions
    • $$$ Album/wall-art
    • Marketing/social
  • Cons
    • Challenging
    • Take more time to execute
    • Pressure/stress
    • More people = easier
    • Solution: Practice!

Note: The mindset you’re in when going into a shoot and placing your group into an editorial pose can make all the difference between success or failure. If you believe this type of posing is not fun and worry that it’s too difficult to execute (or not worth the reward), then it is likely you’ll have a harder time successfully capturing an editorial group portrait. Instead, we recommend trying to recognize the unique opportunity you have of capturing images of people who are dressed their best in an immaculate location (supposing you are photographing a wedding or similar event in a formal setting) and making the most of the situation. Use these opportunities to create images with great visual interest and production value. It would be pretty difficult (or at least costly) to set this type of shot up on your own.