Early Backlit | Shot with Natural Light

In mid-day shoots like these, the sun is overhead and casts hard, semi-directional light. Our approach to is to back-light our client and use natural light as a key light on the couple. By placing our client in front of the brightest part of the frame, we shoot toward the direction of the available light and draw the eye in. Remember to preserve shadows even if some highlights peak in order to the maximize dynamic range.

Bonus shooting tips: Not only will fills help you light the couple, but you will be able to bring your exposure down and preserve more highlights. Use wide apertures to your advantage. The wider the aperture, the more lens vignetting will be visible. Use the vignetting to create a natural ND filter around the edges of your frame and retain some color in brighter backgrounds. Whenever editing these backlit scenes, our goal is a natural-looking image. The more we fight against the natural scene the more unnatural the image appears.