Discussing Wedding Planners | Part 1 | Transcription

We’re going to jump into actually discussing wedding planners with Dana and Jessica, but before we do that, I want to just cover the key points that we’re trying to discuss. Once again, remember, we’re still in the initial meeting. We bring this up briefly and we talk about it briefly based again on their needs and their wants from all of our discussion from us asking targeted questions. All right. The main key points when it comes to discussing wedding planners that I want them to walk away with, it’s very simple.

Number one, it frees up their time and also reduces their stress. They can focus on work. They can focus on enjoying their free time, on managing and minimizing stress, on their creative vision and they can let somebody else execute this entire plan. At a minimum, day of coordination itself. If they don’t have the budget for a planner, you can, at a minimum, recommend a day-of coordinator and that’s still going to minimize stress on the day of the wedding.

It’s still going to help them to focus on the moment, to help them to enjoy the day, help them to have more time for photos and to make sure that when you’re capturing candid and journalistic images, they’re actually having a good time rather than being stressed and running around handling different things that are going on on the day of. Three, this isn’t really something that we discuss in depth with them. We try and get a gauge, though, to qualify their budget.

We already know at this point their photography budget, this comes from that sales process, but if I can ask a few other questions to kind of get a gauge of the size of this wedding and what they’re going for, I can put them into an estimated budget and qualify that budget so that when I recommend them out to a coordinator or planner, I can recommend them to the right person. To a person who’s this client’s budget would actually fit that planner or that coordinator’s typical price range.


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