Discussing the Timeline | Part 1 |Transcription

Before we actually watch Discussing The Timeline with Dana and Jessica, let’s just quickly do a recap on the main points that we want to have when discussing the timeline in the initial meeting. Number 1, again, I mentioned this last time, but I feel like it’s so pertinent that it should be mentioned again: Avoid information overload. Remember that this is just the initial meeting. Watch their expressions. This is about giving them food for thought. Leave them wanting more please. If they walk out of the meeting going, “Holy piss, Pye talked a lot,” that is the wrong impression that I would like them to have. In fact, during meetings when I feel like I’m talking a lot, I will actually stop and say, “Guys, I feel like I’m talking a lot. Do you have any questions?” It works fabulously.

The primary key points that we’re trying to convey just to give them this food for thought is that great pictures take time, that most weddings run late that we want our 3 hours and that this is the difference between a first look versus a traditional timeline. Those are the primary key points that we want them to take away. Remember that we have plenty of later discussions. We have emails and phone calls in between each of these phases. We have engagement talk through. We have the engagement session. We have the wedding talk through. We have all those moments where we can once again bring up the wedding timeline, talk about different things, guide and help to tailor expectations and modify it to make sure we can exceed those expectations. Just remember that it doesn’t all need to be thrown on top of their heads during the initial meeting.


The Initial Meeting

Prepping for the Engagement Talk Through

Engagement Shoot Prep & Communication

Prepping for the Wedding Day Talk Through

Wedding Day Preparation & Communication


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