Discussing the Formals List | Part 1 | Transcription

All right, let’s move on to actually discussing the formals list with our initial meeting clients, Dane and Jessica. Remember, before we do that, remember, we are in the initial meeting. That means that we’re not trying to plan all this stuff out. We’re simply trying to shortly convey the importance of having this list for later on. Later on, we’re going to talk about all the details. For right now, we just want to let them to know what this list helps us to do.

Those discussion points includes, we want them to understand time estimates. Generally what we say is two to three minutes for a group of five to ten people. Again, these are safe side estimates. Can we go quicker? Yes, absolutely. This is a safe estimate, so that we can make sure we have enough time to get beautiful portraits and make sure everyone looks great, make sure that all the guys have their hands in their pockets and have their ties tied well and make sure all the girls look beautiful and are kicking the hips and doing that. We want to have time to properly pose to make sure everyone looks great. When we’re trying to rush, that’s when mistakes are make, that’s when we capture that shot with only one photo and auntie’s eyes are closed and so forth.

Three to five minutes for a group of 10 to 25 people and five to ten minutes for a group of 25 to 50 people. Immediately these time estimates become a gauge for the couple. As they’re thinking about their formals list, they’re going to think of the sizes and the amount of time necessary and we’re going to make sure that once again, we set ourselves up with tailored expectations, expectations that we can meet and exceed.

Number two. A formals list, when I’m talking to the clients, I’m going to tell them that it helps me to understand relevant family relationship information. After we get the list, we can kind of discuss if there’s anything in the family that you guys want to discuss in terms of relationships, types of things that we shouldn’t photograph and so forth. It helps us to prevent awkward moments on the day of, while protecting everybody’s feelings.

We’re also going to let them know that it’s great to have a formals list guide. Why? Because we want there to be a family member or friend to help to gather everybody for the next photo so we can organize people into shots, take the shot, have the next group ready and so we can move in a smooth and efficient manner.

That’s as simple as that discussion needs to be in the initial meeting. Give them food for thought, leave them wanting more, which you can discuss at a later point in time.


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