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Discussing Photo Versus Cinema Coverage  | Part 1 | Transcription Honestly, I don’t really mean it in that way. I don’t mean that it’s one or the other. It’s really discussing photo and cinema coverage, but I thought this looks…

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  1. Jared Gant

    Would you tell outside cinema that the client has chosen photography to be lead? If so, has that ever caused any problems with cinema? 

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    • Shivani Reddy

      I think it’s more of an unspoken understanding and it’s all about establishing leadership when you arrive the day of. We’ve definitely encountered some issues with outside cinema teams, because this world ain’t perfect haha. I find that most of the time, photo is the one that directs the scene because we need our light to hit the subjects every shot we take and our poses to be static. That’s the perfect time to step in and assert more leadership and establish a bit more dominance but follow up with the considerateness of asking cinema what they need after you’ve got your shot. We’ve never had a point where we had to tell cinema that the client wants us to be lead, it’s just an understood thing once they see how much time we spend on certain shots or if the bride refers to the photographer for guidance more than the cinematographer.

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