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Business Course Two | Photography Pricing & Product Design

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There’s nothing wrong with making a deal when both parties mutually benefit.

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  1. Nic Hilton

    Okay I get it it now! Thank you. Loving the course

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  2. Nic Hilton

    I have a question for that minimum pricing calculator. 

    Say you want to pay yourself 50 dollars an hour for a 3500 dollar wedding. After you enter in the info into the MPC, it says its too low, even though you may still be left with a 1500 dollar margin. I’m confused because you still made the money, the business still profited, but it says too low? Is that too low for a deal? or is it trying to show me that I am still making a 1500 dollar margin?


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    • Pye Jirsa

      Nic, it’s based upon the margin that you can customize. The only reason it’s returning “too low” is because the margin percentage is higher than the final $1500 left over. Adjust your desired margin based on your experience and current goals, it comes with the numbers that we’ve set up for our studio. 

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Business Course Two | Photography Pricing & Product Design