Dark Indoor Hotel

In the case of photographing Hindu/Indian weddings in dark indoor hotels, there will likely be a structure (mandap) that you can use to hide flashes. If not, try to find a discreet location that will allow you to produce the light you need without creating a distraction in the scene. If you are angling the light or bouncing it off of a side wall, be sure the angle is not casting to harsh of shadows on your subjects. Whenever possible, try to dial down the flash power and position the lights or point them in a direction that will produce a soft and subtle light quality. Lastly, if you are using flashes, be aware of the color of the lights in the room. If they are tungsten, which is quite likely, you’ll want to match the light temperature by placing CTO gels on your flashes.

Here are some quick tips for photographing a ceremony in a dark, indoor hotel:


  1. Make sure bride/groom understand prior


  1. Use an external battery for flash recycling
  2. High ISO (based on camera capabilities)
  3. Fast lenses ideal
  4. Lowest possible flash power (for recycle time)
  5. Watch shadow detail, and highlight exposure on dress
  6. Bounce flash (ceiling above behind, or wall to side)
  7. Place flashes behind and hidden in alter if possible (use low power)